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Apple for the Lady
Oak for the Lord
Hazel for the Wise Ones
Holly for the sword
Rowan for protection
Birch to make a start
Alder for the fire
Willow for the heart

Ash the Magician
Ivy makes a crown
Vine for the wine
When the cup comes around
Elder for the ancients
In the forest tall
And the yew tree at Samhain
To cover us all


- Aisling

Ky's notes

  • This is the chant that got me started with this website.  In 2011, I presented a chant workshop at my local Beltane gathering.  A woman approached me afterwards and asked if I would make a recording of this chant for her.  She wanted to put it on a CD for her son.  She said that I had a lovely voice and she loved this chant but wasn't crazy of the recording she found online.  Obviously, I was quite flattered to be asked.  And so, I made a voice recording on my trusty iPhone and emailed it to her.  Soon after, I began recording other chants from my repertoire.  I have a feeling I may be recording chants for a long time to come!