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Ancient Mother

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Ancient Mother, I hear you calling
Ancient Mother, I hear your song
Ancient Mother, I hear your laughter
Ancient Mother, I taste your tears

A different language?  Phoenetic??

O la mama wa ha su kola
O la mama wa ha su wam
O la mama kow wey ha ha ha ha
O la mama ta te kayee

From Hedra's Chant Page

  • "Ancient Mother/O La Mama" - A chant that tends to be sung like a dirge.  The lyrics are a pagan's lament of sorts at the current state of Mother Earth, and the lack of respect for nature in general.  You can hear recorded versions of the English lyrics on the 1997 album Earthbeat! by Circle of Women and on Libana's 1986 album A Circle is Cast.  You can visit the Libana homepage for more information about their recordings.  It also appears on the 1991 album She Changes by Moving Breath as a medley called "Ancient Mother/Isis Astarte".

Another verse:

Ancient Mother, I feel you calling.
Ancient Mother, I sing your song.
Ancient Mother, I share your laughter.
Ancient Mother, I dry your tears.

Ky's notes

  • Re: Another verse - I found this on TigerHeart's site. I always thought Ancient Mother to be a rather sad chant. I love that this verse offers some condolence. A very nice juxtaposition that brings a sense of catharsis and hope.