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Burn fire, burn within me
Kindled from eternal fire
All the people that I see
And the people part of me
One flame, many parts
A sacred fire of flaming hearts


- Adaptation by Unknown

Original By Nicholas Sea

The original words are:

Burn Bright

Burn bright, flame within me: Kindled of eternal fire.
Of the people I do be: And the people part of me,
All one in many parts: A single fire of flaming hearts!


From Hedra's Chant Page

  • "Burn Bright" - This is a great chant taught to me by members of a Druidic group in Boston. It is an energetic fire chant that would be perfect for either a fire ritual or an Imbolc or Midsummer rite. The author, Nicholas Sea, sent me this about it: "I composed this in the early 1980s in the mountains east of Seattle at a full moon in the Spring by a rushing stream and small camp fire with my drum in hand ... I wanted a song to drum to."