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We All Come from the Goddess

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We all come from the goddess
And to her we shall return
Like a drop of rain
Flowing to the ocean

- Z. Budapest

From Beth's Chant Page

  • This chant is often sung together with Hoof and Horn, and both can be sung in tandem with "Isis Astarte". All these chants can be said to belong to the "Pagan Top 40."  A number of people have invented God counterparts to "We all Come From the Goddess" (e.g. "We all come from the Sun God/ And to him we shall return/ Like a spark of flame/ Rising to the open sky").  You can find a recording of this chant on the Reclaiming Chants CD.

Ky's notes

  • This might be the first chant I ever learned.  I remember singing it with my Tempest Haven Waterkin in the very early years of my exposure to paganism.  I have a wonderfully fond memory of this chant from my first year at Starwood (2002).  We were sharing water in the pool, and we decided to make a water vortex.  (This activity was strictly forbidden in the Brushwood pool, but we just couldn't resist breaking the rules.)  You may remember doing this as a child, where everyone moves in a circle, faster and faster, until you can no longer keep up and you are forced to surrender to the power of the current you created.  What wonderful energy we raised that day!  I will never forget the sound of our voices echoing from the poolhouse rafters:  Like a drop... of rain... flowing to the ocean...